About Nakara

Nakara Hotels Ltd., the nucleus, was started at the turn of the new millennium in 2000 at Marangu. Planted right in the community, it had an extra edge that enabled it spread wings to Dar es Salaam and build 15 apartments in the name of Marina in 2004. Located in the porsche Msasani Peninsula area, the Marina Apartments are fully furnished and fitted with the state of the art facilities including telephones, A/Cs and TV.

Having put up accommodation facilities, Nakara Hotels Ltd. found it only natural to horizontally integrate by establishing Kibo Travel Bureau specializing on the

Kilimanjaro climb, safaris and adventures; spicing them with the Eco-and Cultural tourism component.

Knowledge is power. An informed community is essential for any development programs. To enhance success chances for poverty reduction programs for the improvement of the livelihoods of the community, Nakara Hotels Ltd. decided to launch the Vunjo FM Stereo Radio station to put its contribution to society on a higher platform.