About the hotel


In its ever cool atmosphere embraced by the Chagga farms, about 500m from the road leading to the Marangu Gate, NAKARA HOTELS LTD presents itself as having an added value as an appropriate venue for pre-climb acclimatization.

One has time to walk up and down the mountain area while having a taste of the warm welcome of the Chagga people. It is equally an appropriate post-climb cerebration point in its beautiful and under shade garden whose soft carpet like turf is decorated and fenced off the walkways by short and well trimmed hedges.

In four words, one Norwegian guest called it “A garden of Eden! The hotel reception treatment is such that even if it’s your first arrival, you feel as if you had been there before. There is no stranger at NAKARA HOTELS LTD.



The hotel has 13 double and four single, uniquely furnished, self-contained rooms with ensuite bathrooms. All are have telephones and are accorded a 24-hour service. Suite facility can also be arranged. While all furniture is made of local materials, floors are essentially in tiles; some fitted with a wall-to-wall carpet. After a two-month stay, one guest said, “is a wonderful hotel in Tanzania. We enjoyed a lot. Keep it up.”

In response to the market demand, NAKARA HOTELS LTD also offers camping facilities accompanied by the usual campfire barbecue fun. Subject to weather, this is normally on Thursdays and Saturdays.


The restaurant offers a wide range of food revolving on the A La Carte Menu but equally palate whetting. A Russian starter could be followed by Pumpkin soup, consolidated by our kitchen pride main dish of Nakara Mixed Grill and end it with a cup of Kilimanjaro Coffee grown on the mountain slopes. We take care of special needs like those of the vegetarian and visitors with specified health diet conditions. All you do is kindly request and we oblige. We have an extremely flexible kitchen engineering system.

The choice is really yours. You have even chance to take coffee with milk in the vicinity of the tree that bore the beans and get a ‘Bon appetit’ message from cow sheds in the village setting.


We have a bar well stocked with soft, lager, wines and spirits. Under the permanently cold weather in Mt. Kilimanjaro environs, those wanting to warm up on the rocks can be sure of a full experience in the hands of Nakara hospitality.


With NAKARA HOTELS LTD you have a home away from home with a difference. Far as you may be from anywhere, you are still in touch via Internet. Laundry services are available. Planted in the midst of the Lyasongoro village, the hotel gives the visitor a chance of sharing the local Chagga experience through its eco-cultural tour programmes run in collaboration with sister company, Kibo Travel Bureau. The villagers have access to the hotel facilities.


The tourist of the 21st Century has new characteristics. He/she has plenty of money and is short of time. At the same time, the traditional "Big Five' attraction is no longer so much of an issue. What is more at stake today is the people of the host country, their culture and the environment In line with this current market situation, tourists who come for their lifetime Mt. Kilimanjaro climb dream, no longer have to leave the mountain without touching the cultural base with the Chagga people, whose ancestors somehow preserved this mankind's treasure to the day that all people on our planet should like to be associated with its various miracles.

Global Outlook There are three basic human requirements. That is, food, clothing and shelter. A closer look at the set reveals one thing. What has differentiated man through ages is the type of shelter.

It is along these lines that the NAKARA HOTEL has added a cultural dimension availing the visitors on the Tanzania Northern Tourist Circuit a chance to maximize on holiday satisfaction.

The Logic
To the Chagga living around Mt, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania next to the Equator, the "msonge" shelter experience is not news just as the "igloo" is to the Eskimo in the arctic. But, it makes a world difference if the Eskimo can be made to appreciate saving money and apportion time for experiencing the Igloo environment at the Equator. Alternatively, how fascinating would it be for the Chagga to spend a night in a snow house..